Proudly Servicing Western Canada

Our Vision

  As is the case with any high performing organization, Omnia recognizes that you're only as strong as your people. To that end, at Omnia we take pride in promoting a highly collaborative team working environment, empowering First Nation community members and a team that is focused on results, and led by a management panel that goes the extra distance to ensure that all our employee and community requirements are fulfilled.

  Omnia is a small-scale operation, but are looking to grow and become a Nationally recognized organization, promoting the rich and diverse cultures of our First Nations partners, and their communities. Our success is driven by our people and our commitment to our First Nation peoples, and to getting results the right way- by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, being able to understand and implement innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.  At Omnia, we look forward to developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships with our clientele and First Nations' communities, and prosperously growing together.